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Army Wants "tech that can support and integrate --

• by B.N. Frank

Decades of research has already proven that exposure to radiation from wireless sources – including 5G – is biologically harmful.  In fact, last year, a federal court ruled in favor of organizations and petitioners that sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for NOT adequately protecting Americans from wireless radiation exposure.  Additionally, in 2019, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they had NO independent scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  Despite the ruling and the congressional testimony, the FCC as well as other federal agencies that are also supposed to protect Americans – including the Department of Defense (DoD) (see 12) – continue to promote and fund the deployment and densification of 5G, 4G, and other wireless infrastructure and devices for widespread use.

In regard to virtual reality (VR), augmented realty (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies, they are not exactly the same.  However, research has indicated that VR system use can cause behavioral changes, balance problems (see 12), cognitive problems, eye problems (soreness, vision changes), headaches and other discomfortsskin issuesas well as other short-term and/or long-term health issues