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We deserve the full truth about 9/11<br>by Sen. Karen Johnson

• Arizona Republic
Regarding "Drinking the 9/11 Kool-Aid" (Editorial, April 24): After three government investigations and more than six years, we still don't have answers on 9/11.

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Comment by Dave Wilber
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George Bush told us in the Whitehouse Newsletter that he watched the first tower get hit. He said that he was outside of the classroom with a television on and he saw the tower get hit. He said to himself, "What a terrible pilot" and then entered the classroom. A few winutes later, his aide came in and said, "Mr. President, they hit the other tower." He could not have seen the 1st tower get hit without foreknowledge and closed circuit TV! I never saved that but there are people who did. Bush was waiting for the fireworks!

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We need to know the truth about EVERYTHING.
We can almost bet that if it is from the government,
it is either a LIE or ILLEGAL. \
Political Correctness/expediency has replaced
the truth or legal action.
It seems that almost every question that you
ask a politician ends up with an answer that
is based on a LIE. I don't think that the politician
set out to LIE to their constituents, it is just
the easy thing to do when they don't know the
answer and are to lazy to find the truth.