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Northern Mexico Runs Out Of Water, May Impact Beer Production

• by Tyler Durden

The water crisis is particularly critical in Monterrey, one of Mexico's most important economic hubs and home to some of the largest beermakers in the world, such as Heineken NV. 

Some neighborhoods in Monterrey have been without water for nearly three months, and Heineken's facility has suffered as waterways dry up. Residents have protested commercial districts due to their oversized demand for local water. 

Lopez Obrador said the government would support a transition of the beer industry from the northern part of the country to the south or southeast, where water supplies are more abundant.

"This is not to say we won't produce any more beer, it's to say that we won't produce beer in the north -- that's over," the president said Monday at a daily press conference. "If they want to keep producing beer, increasing production, then all the support for the south or southeast."