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The US Labor Market Is A House Of Cards - Here Are The Reasons Why

• Zero Hedge

In typical Orwellian fashion, the Biden Administration and the corporate media have attempted to rewrite history and even the definitions of words in recent weeks by changing the standards of what constitutes a "Recession."  A recession is two consecutive negative GDP prints signaling an overall decline of a nation's economy.  This IS what a recession is, and no president or puppet media economist is going to change that fact.  The US is, by definition, in the middle of a recession.  

At no point ever in the history of economics has a recession required an explosion in unemployment.  This is not a factor that matters because unemployment is not a leading indicator,  it is a lagging indicator.  Job losses usually happen at the END of an economic breakdown, not at the beginning, because governments and corporations will do everything in their power to artificially prop up the jobs market and hide instability until the system becomes so broken that they can no longer pull the wool over the public's eyes.

Jobs and stock market tickers tell us nothing ahead of time.