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The total economic death of China (is happening NOW)

• Sorelle Amore Finance

China's entire economy is about to collapse. But the thing is, this banking crash and financial crisis going on in China right now is hardly being talked about at all. And the story is just plain weird, in so many ways.

What's happening right now in China is crazy. Banks have defrauded customers of billions, lied about the products they were investing people's money in, and even allegedly collaborated with government agencies in China to change people's health pass status so they could force them to stay at home, and not protest.

And although this is a very regional problem right now, China's potential banking system bankruptcies and inability to pay funds to customers has already started spilling out into the West. And in China's economy falls, it's possible things could get much worse for us all.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 - Chinese history is repeating

1:17 - The current financial crisis in China

2:07 - What started the economic crisis

4:11 - The situation escalated

5:30 - Censorship and NordVPN

6:36 - Fractional reserve banking and a western crash

9:17 - Do we actually have control?