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What happened the last time Biden had billions to blow on the green agenda?

• By Jack McEvoy

The passage of the Democrats' $369 billion climate package will allow President Joe Biden to pour billions of taxpayer money into green energy infrastructure and climate change prevention; despite the failure to effectively administer billions in green funds when he was vice-president during the Obama administration.

The 'American Recovery and Reinvestment Act', passed in 2009 during President Barack Obama's first term, included $90 billion for similar environmental measures, according to White House archives. Then-Vice President Biden was placed in charge of overseeing the Recovery Act's funds, which did not lead to development but instead the loss of massive sums of taxpayer money, according to Biden's campaign website.

"As the architect of the Solyndra fiasco, it's clear Joe Biden's record on managing energy dollars is abysmal," Larry Behrens, communications director of Power The Future, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.