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A Test For Seeing If You Will Give Up Your Guns

• - Allan Stevo

A reader wrote a short letter in response to my recently published piece "10 Corona Steps Ahead: This Is Where We Are Going, And Where You Will Follow If You Comply."  That piece talks about the need to say "No!" in your life to the incremental impositions on your freedom. The piece talks about the necessity of clear boundaries in your life, well-communicated, and vigilantly defended. 

 That reader writes: 

 A call to arms would happen way before these things happen. At least for me and my 


 Growing up in a medical family taught things that made my brothers and me immune to the pandemic non-sense.

 Unfortunately, anyone exposed to the educational system over the last 

30-40 years is dead meat.

It is a culling.

 Thanks for printing the underlying methods.

 —A California Reader 


 It never fails, that no matter how people denigrate the State of California as lost or hopeless, it remains the state with the most conservatives in the country, the state with the most libertarians in the country, and the state with the most devout religious folks in the country who know their rights do not come from paper or from man. In the midst of those three groups and several others, around the globe, a very powerful remnant is forming. 

California may very well be the place with the greatest tyranny in the country. And it may also very well be the place with the greatest freedom in the country. 

The battle for the soul of our civilization takes place at these extremes, and their convergence every day in the lives of many Californians. It is impossible to ignore the creeping evil. It is so imposing and in your face. 


Different Californians React Differently 

 Some Californians run to another state. 

 Some hide in California. 

 Others ignore the evil. 

 Yet others combat it and walk in their own free existence. 

 A Debilitating Red State Luxury

 In the red states, there is a prevalent go-along-to-get-alongism unknown quite the same way in California, with its de facto disrespect of authority and its "live and let live" lifestyle that is so pervasive that no matter how much the authorities tout the mandates, you will see the mandates forever disregarded. Never will there be 100% compliance in any corner of California the way there was such obedience of the greatest lies in some red places in 2020 and beyond.