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New Design for Solid-State Hydrogen Fuel Cell Significantly Reduces Charging Times -


Hydrogen is gaining significant attention as an efficient way to store 'green energy' from renewables such as wind and solar.

Now, an Australian team has developed a new method to improve solid-state hydrogen fuel cell charging times.

The most common form of hydrogen storage is using compressed gas. Liquid forms are also used, but researchers from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) experimented with a superior method of storage—solid state.

Dr. Saidul Islam, from UTS, said solid hydrogen storage, and in particular metal hydride, is attracting interest because it is safer, more compact, and lower cost than compressed gas or liquid, and it can reversibly absorb and release hydrogen.

"Metal hydride hydrogen storage technology is ideal for onsite hydrogen production from renewable electrolysis. It can store the hydrogen for extended periods and once needed, it can be converted as gas or a form of thermal or electric energy when converted through a fuel cell."