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Government Itself is Immoral


Even more hopefully, you've read or ordered your copy of that book. If not, here's another chance: it's available as a free pdf on Odysee or available to purchase HERE.

When you do read the book, you'll see that Knight has chosen to publish an excerpt from my February 29, 2020, newsletter editorial, "5 Important Lessons Absolutely No One Will Learn From Iowa." I'm glad he did include that excerpt in his book because in some ways I buried the lede—an important and informative rant about the true nature of government and the morality of anarchy—down far enough in that article that most people probably didn't read it. Those who did likely forgot it. And the vast majority of people probably never knew it existed.

So, let's correct that problem today. Here I re-present to you that section of the editorial on "Government Itself is Immoral." Enjoy.

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