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More Indications That Our Representative Form Of Government Is Under Water

• by Janet Phelan

The mounting concerns that our representative form of government does not represent the electorate have manifested in allegations of election fraud in both Bush 2 elections — 2000 and 2004 — in the second Obama election of 2012, and in the lingering allegations of a stolen election in 2020.

There are further signs, however, that our so-called leaders are not representing us. And these signs have to do with the sheer unavailability of agencies and representatives.

Ever tried to call the DoJ of late? It was always hard enough for an unembedded reporter to reach a live person at the media line at the Department of Justice. Under the last administration, it became impossible. A recorded message refers you to the media page and there you can send an electronic message to a media representative for the Department of Justice. And you will get a response if you are vetted. If they feel like it. If their nail polish is dry. Otherwise, you can pound sand all day long and never hear back.