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Celebrating a Death

• by Eric

It's an odd choice of words given the death is more like a murder – the unnatural ending of the lives of the Dodge Charger and Challenger, which should have been around for many years to come but won't be around after the end of next year – courtesy of the Things in Washington that signed their death warrants.

They will be replaced by more "eco-friendly" electric cars – air-fingers-quotation marks to emphasize the lie of the thing, since there is nothing "eco friendly" about replacing a 500 pound V8 engine – as in the Charger and Challenger – with a 1,000-plus pounds of environmentally hazardous materials that consume a gratuitously excessive amount of power – in the form electricity that is generated almost entirely by burning hydrocarbon fuels, just like a V8 engine.

The only thing "eco" about these electric cars is the fraudulent sales pitch.

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