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With The United States Government Proven To Be A Clear And Present Danger To The American People

• By David Robb

We have been playing defense for too long. The Left has been implementing multiple changes to our system of government and to our culture, while we have simply complained and waited until the next election where we might regain control. This is like in a war where after an attack we ask the enemy to wait until we can go and gather our troops to fight back. It is time to take the fight to them and put them into defense. 

Clear and present danger 

There is a need to move quickly. We have a clear and present danger to our Republic and that danger increases with every day that passes. The actions of our enemies become more and more bold, with the raid on President Trump as only the most recent example. Imposing unsustainable levels of debt on our country while promoting the creation of an armed administrative army are further examples. The situation goes beyond the Office of the President – extending throughout an administration that relies on the outcome of a manipulated election to provide a cover of legitimacy. 

A lack of integrity