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Feds penetrated drug culture easily at San Diego State

• AP
Undercover agents who posed as college students to bust more than 100 suspected drug dealers at San Diego State University never had to crack a book to gain acceptance on campus. All it took was cash. [Brave, brave Sir Robin.]

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Yeah!! Right.
An Illegal Alien caught with less than #500 of Pot is not even prosecuted.
He/She goes home,and tries again,and,again.
Americans are soooo ignorant it`s laughable.
It`s all about Bush and his plan to take over America....and he`s winning.The "Home of the Brave" is just standing there watching "American Idol",while America is being systematically taken apart by their own elected leaders.
The so called "Brave" sleep while their country, America
,is dismantled...torn to shreds.
Americans don`t even have the nerve to confront John McCain about any,of the many,traitor actions he has taken against his own country...America.
"Home of the Brave"...give me a break..Please!!