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White House Brings You the Script to "Reefer Madness II"

• AP
Depression, teens and marijuana are a dangerous mix that can lead to dependency, mental illness or suicidal thoughts, according to a White House report. [Cuz, we're smart and truthful.]

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Comment by Brock Lorber (11655)
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This sounds like the exact same meta-study that generated all the scare-headlines in the UK last year. The "policy experts" read conclusions that are not in the meta-study. For example:

- "teen users 40 percent more likely to have mental illness" is complete falsehood. The meta-study actually suggests that teens with pre-existing depression or other mental illnesses use cannabis 40% more than their peers. The same can be said for aspirin and migraine headaches, but no one would be stupid enough to suggest aspirin causes migraines.