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Behind college raid, rising drug use on campus

• Christian Science Monitor
This week's massive bust at SD State highlights the rise in university cooperation with law enforcement. The incident also highlights the need for university officials and police to broaden their response capabilities to meet the growing challeng

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Mexicans bringing in #500 or less are not even prosecuted.
Sounds like another very good deal,for the "President`s Chosen" people.
Bush will put a Boarder Guard in jail for 10 to 12,or more years,but allows Drug Smugglers a free pass.
The Drug Smugglers are very happy with Bush,their brother in crime.

Comment by Jon Gettel
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Stop the drug war today.

Sending our children to prison does not protect them from drugs or discourage the use of drugs.

Legalize all drugs and take the profits away from criminals and use the tax money to provide treatment and to honestly educate.

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