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"Yell Fire" - Philly Cop Beating Video from 4409

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This is the one to pass around :)

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The point about the cops immediately running up to the car is a great one! If those cops had ANY suspicion these guys were armed they would NEVER have done that. They aren't that foolish. You take cover and demand the suspects come out hands up.

Wow, I never even considered that until this video. Thanks. The obvious police/ city lie is exposed. There were no guns/ shooting witnessed by anyone. Even a case a mistaking the wrong vehicle. No way in heck those cops go charging up to a car like that if they suspected blazing guns were present.

Also, it is amazing how fast the Philly PD/ and City spin machine had the story they wanted to present pumping out in the mass media eh! They must have cookie cutter responses just sitting in cue, all massaged in focus group surveys awaiting the truth to slip out to be selected for release.