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IPFS News Link • Patriot Act

They Hated Us for Our Freedoms, So We Enslaved Ourselves

•, by Helen of desTroy

The legislation package, drawn up nearly a decade previously by such avowed enemies of the US Constitution as prison-packing plagiarist Joe Biden and torture-loving amygdala tease Michael Chertoff, gave the government unprecedented power to surveil communications without warrants or probable cause. Its outrageous overreach was abused to justify bulk data collection and open-ended fishing expeditions so long as the threat of terrorism or a need for foreign intelligence could be invoked.

We were told that "they" - the nebulous Terrorists lurking behind every government the neocons wanted to overthrow - hated "our freedoms," then encouraged to believe that the only way to guarantee our survival was to ditch those freedoms ASAP.

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