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Real RVers talk about their RV worries for 2023

•, Mike Wendland

And after a week at the recent Hershey RV Show in Pennsylvania, where we talked with hundreds of real RVers, there are some real RV worries for 2023 clouding the future for many.

Not that any are willing to toss in the towel. To a person, everyone we talked to planned to do their best and Keep Calm and Camp ON – as the silly T-shirt says.

But unlike many so-called RV industry leaders, who always spin a rosy future, real RVers are realistic and candid about all the challenges they see ahead over the next 12 years in this post-COVID world, where a variety of issues are complicating their RV travel and camping plans.

You can meet many of these we met in this week's Episode 414 of the RV Podcast. You can watch our YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel video version below.