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Nothing's More Important Than Avoiding Nuclear War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

• Caitlin Johnstone Substack

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Avoiding nuclear war is the single most important agenda in the world. The single most important agenda in history. It is more important than your political faction. It is more important than how Vladimir Putin makes your feelings feel. It is more important than anything else.

Whenever I say this I always get some liberal saying "Some things are worth dying for" or some shit. Actually, no. Nothing, literally nothing, is worth the obliteration of all life on earth. It's not worth gambling all terrestrial life to please your dopey egocentric fixations.

People who think nuclear brinkmanship is worth the risk either haven't thought hard enough about what nuclear war is and what it would mean, or they just hate life and have some sick desire to see the end of everything. Either way they should be dismissed with extreme aggression.

If there's one thing everyone should be able to come together on, it's that every measure should be taken to avoid the end of everything. It is only because our civilization is awash with war propaganda that this isn't glaringly obvious to everybody.

That necessarily means de-escalation and detente. It means compromise. It means change. It means acknowledging what your side did wrong to bring us this close to the edge and taking drastic measures to change that and make sure it never happens again. It's not egoically pleasing, but it's necessary. More so than anything has ever been. Risking the annihilation of all terrestrial life is not worth the egoic gratification we get from our narratives about "winning" and "losing" and "good guys" and "bad guys". This is infinitely more important than that.