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Is It Time To Buy Gold?

•, by Tyler Durden

In fact, inflation is the way governments have been financing their spending. You have major budget deficits, particularly in the United States, but also in other countries. And governments have been financing that spending through inflation. And now that inflation has reared its head, a lot of people think the central bankers can put the genie back in the bottle by raising interest rates. They can't do it without creating a financial crisis, without creating a depression. And so, I think the central banks are about to throw in the towel on the inflation fight. I think inflation is going to win. We're just getting started. Inflation is going to ravage some of these major economies for years and years to come.

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Actually, it's time to realize where money in the US and Europe comes from. The Fed gave notice in their 'pamphlets' entitled "Modern Money Mechanics" and "Two Faces of Debt." They gave notice - even if it is clouded by complexity of writing - that when you get a loan, your signed promissory note is private money that you traded for public money with the loan officer. Some parts of the UCC back this up. Since you traded money for money when you got your loan, you actually prepaid your loan. The loan is done, if you followed the rest of the terms for paying off your loan early. The banks treat it this way. Then, you spend the next up-to-30-years giving the bank principle an interest as a gift, simply because you never read the notices that the banks gave thru the two pamphlets, above, and never realized that you prepaid your loan with the promissory note. Search on "Tom Schauf, bank freedom" -

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