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How Does it Feel to Live in This 'Newfound' Communist Country?

•, By Gary D. Barnett

Let us forget about any alleged "Constitutional Republic," or any democracy, Fascist, Socialist, or any other evident political leanings in the U.S., and just concentrate on reality. The United States today is based more on a Communist society than any other single political system or ideology; so much so as to now follow almost to the letter, the entirety of the ten planks of Communism.  To argue against this certainty, is not only short-sided, but fails to meet any test of accuracy whatsoever. To accept this may be difficult for those living in an imagined dream world called 'the land of the free,' but once accepted and acknowledged, a move forward becomes possible. In order to grow and prosper, one must accept truth and reality, and face it, or forever live and die in chains.