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For So Many Departures, An Irish Blessing

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Dr. McCullough wants to recognize the outpouring of international support and sympathy that has come into the network over the past week for his father's death. In memory of the recent passing of Thomas L. McCullough, who was blessed with a full life and a peaceful death, we want to thank all of our wonderful listeners. Thomas L. McCullough, 1938-2022, father of Dr. Peter McCullough, is survived by his spouse Mary, and sons, Thomas and Matthew. Many of you got to know Thomas McCullough as one of the first COVID-19 patients in "Courage to Face COVID-19:Preventing Hospitalizations and Deaths while Battling the Biopharmaceutical Complex."

In his memory on this show, we have a wonderful piece from fellow Irishman John O'Donohue shortly before his own death in 2008; the late Irish poet recited his poem "Beannacht," which means blessing, during an interview with Krista Tippett.1

In this issue of the Report, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny does a deep dive into the history of the pediatric and adult vaccine schedules, how it all happened, and what the modern-day concerns are with the burgeoning list of vaccines and numbers of injections given over the course of young lives with the stated goal of improving health.2 Do they help individuals? Populations? Could there be any downside with such a large number of systemic antigenic exposures? We explore this topic in depth in the context of the COVID-19 debacle, where conventional physicians like Dr. McCullough are now re-examining the rationale, clinical evidence, and emerging concerns over safety when any vaccine is given indiscriminately without consideration of net clinical benefit.

So let's get real, let's get loud; on America Out Loud Talk Radio, this is The McCullough Report!

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