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Bob Barr Gets Ron Paul List and Announces Presidential Run

• Ground Report - Wahington DC
According to, it appears Barr has access to Libertarian Ron Paul's mailing list of millions. (Watch closely how much money is raised,... I'm sure Barr's campaign is expecting _a lot_)

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I don't see any change. Nor disclaimer, update or explanation. Looks like the same claim to me.

Comment by Rich Ness
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Not a chance Paul is going to "give" his list of supporters to someone else, WHILE HE IS STILL RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT... this is looking like another weak attempt to distract the movement. Hold your ground! Predators will try to sway your attention. The right thing for Barr, would be to shut the hell up, and back Ron's candidacy, not muddy the water. So in summation, Barr is not supported by Ron Paul.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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TechPresident has updated. The email came from, not ronpaul2008, and was sent only to Barr's list, not Paul's list.


This "screw-up" by comes on the heels of Barr "screwing up" by announcing that Paul was no longer a Presidential candidate. I predict similar "screw-ups" along this pattern.