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Biden Is Destroying US Relationship with Saudi Arabia-

• By Joe Hoft

US relations with Saudi Arabia are at an all-time low after Biden threatened the oil-rich nation for not complying with his demands. 

The Biden Administration continues its case study on what NOT to do in international relations.  Less than a week ago Biden was begging the Saudis to increase oil production now so that gas prices in the US would remain below the all-time highs set earlier in the year.

Unfortunately for Biden, the Saudis didn't make any changes based on his request.

Biden's reaction to all of this is to threaten the Saudis.

News of the president's latest plans for oil come he announced said he would 'reassess' the US's alliance with the oil-rich Saudis for their support to Russia, a move was sure to jack up gas prices just ahead of midterm elections.