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Alex Jones Got What He Deserved, Part 2

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

The first email stated:

First off the fines he received were like if Jones killed somebody. The $965 million dollar fine even the $50 million dollar fine is basically the death penalty. It is also unconstitutional because it clearly violates 8th amendment. He cleared the air about his stance on Sandy Hook and admitted he was wrong, that alone damages his reputation as a journalist, so Jones shouldn't be sued for defamation, and the fines should be drastically reduced. Also there is no proof that Jones sent his supporters to harass the parents of the dead children. It's a kangaroo trial, the fines are unlawful and unconstitutional. It is a witch hunt to attack anybody who is a conspiracy theorist.

The second email asserted that Jones had been denied the right to introduce relevant evidence at the Connecticut trial. 

Let's carefully examine these two critiques.

There have been two trials, one in Connecticut and one in Texas. The plaintiffs in both cases were families who lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre. The plaintiffs in both cases alleged that Jones had defamed them by falsely alleging that they had made up the story about the massacre as part of a supposed conspiracy in support of gun control. Jones repeatedly made the claim on his Internet show. The claim was believed to be true by his loyal followers, who proceeded to inflict all sorts of calumny on the plaintiffs.