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Digitization Is Humanity's Demise. The "Smartphonization" of Humanity.

• Activist Post

What if we were really at the point where the arrow indicates on the bar-code cartoon below? Or, it could be much worse, we could already be just a tiny little speck on the all-encroaching and dominating QR code.

The QR code is everywhere. In some places you can't even open a toilet door without using a QR code, first downloaded on your smartphone.

There is hardly a restaurant – anywhere in the Western world – where its menus are not loaded onto a QR code. Screw those who do not have a smartphone, or do not want to use their smartphone to be invaded by QR codes.

See this for a more ample description of the dangers of the QR code.

In some cases, when you are lucky, a restaurant may offer you as a "temporary feature", a printed menu, or the waiter is kind enough to use his own smartphone to show you the choices of meals.