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Former FBI Official To Testify On Agency Allegedly Inflating Domestic Terrorism Data

• by Rita Li

A joint letter released on Oct. 20 by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the committee's ranking member, and Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), accused the ex-FBI official of failing to take "any meaningful steps" to arrange the interview over the past two months following an initial request.

In a letter to Sanborn on Aug. 10, the GOP lawmakers called on the former official to testify regarding whistleblower claims of the bureau pressuring agents to inflate the numbers of "domestic violent extremism" cases, including those didn't meet the criteria. The pair asked Sanborn to contact the committee and schedule the interview no later than Aug. 24.

"Only late last Friday did your attorneys offer a specific date for a transcribed interview—December 2, 2022—a date six weeks in the future and nearly four months since our initial request," the lawmakers wrote.