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The SHUTDOWNS continue in 2022:

• by Lance D Johnson

In 2020, global shutdowns were advertised, pushed and praised by government officials and multinational organizations around the world. Ultimately, as communist ideals and decrees seeped into the fabric of society, these lockdowns were rejected by the majority of the people.

However, in 2022, the SHUTDOWNS have been taking place discreetly, stealthily, as entire industries come under siege. Anti-carbon, anti-fertilizer, anti-oil and anti-meat policies have taken their toll. War time sanctions against Russia are creating serious economic blow back. Moreover, food manufacturing plants are being burned to the ground and driven into bankruptcy all around the world. Aluminum, copper, iron and steel producers are also being taken down at an alarming rate all around the world. (Related: As energy costs soar, steel production in Europe on verge of collapse which will have catastrophic ripple effects across global economy.)