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Ron Paul Shares Stories from the US House of Representatives on the Tulsi Gabbard Show

• Ron Paul Institute - Adam Dick

Paul left the House in January of 2013, just before Gabbard joined the House as a Democrat from Hawaii.

Stories Paul shares in the interview open a window on the workings of the House. The stories deal with subjects including Paul avoiding hiring employees for his office who had worked elsewhere in the House, a fellow representative voting "yes" on the USA PATRIOT Act despite knowing the right vote was "no," House members walking up to a desk to see which special interests support and oppose bills up for votes, Paul's practice of voting against the awarding of Congressional Gold Medals, and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Henry Hyde telling Paul in the lead-up to the Iraq War that the US Constitution provision requiring a congressional declaration of war is "anachronistic" and can just be ignored.

Watch the interview here:

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