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Starlink in-motion RV broadband puts more digital into nomadism

•, By C.C. Weiss

One of the shortcomings of the service has been that it can only be used while stationary, but now SpaceX has solved that issue with the new Flat High Performance Starlink option. With (expensive) updated hardware, the service supports broadband internet while mobile, allowing nomads to more productively use the time they spend commuting in the passenger seat. It could be a game changer for those who want to put in a day's work without being stuck in one place.

The Flat High Performance Starlink service relies on a flatter dish affixed to the vehicle with an included wedge mount. SpaceX says the service has a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities to connect to more satellites at once and maintain a consistent connection on the go. The equipment is designed to hold up to wind and weather.

Inability to connect while in motion was a major missing piece of Starlink's RV service. While RVers certainly vary widely in their habits and connectivity needs, being able to connect reliably without having to park in one place seems like it'd be high on the wish list of anyone who moves around a lot but wants to make productive use of downtime in the van. With the on-the-go Flat HP service, mobile remote workers can, theoretically, pick up and hit the road whenever they want while passengers are still able to log in and get work done without worrying about being offline for the entire ride.