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Cops Caught On Camera Stomping More Heads

Not satisfied with using pain compliance to Taser people into submission, police officers have now begun to kick the living crap out of suspects just to make sure. An incident that occurred in Indiana yesterday marks another chapter in a wave of poli

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Comment by Hawkeye
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If you think Americans will ever do anything about it,think again.
Americans DO NOT have the nerve to stand up for their very own rights."Home of the Brave"......Bull Shit.
It`s more like the 'Home of the Ignorant Chicken Shits".
Please!! taze me...Please!! beat the shit out of me.Please!!!...Please!!!...Please! Please!!!
You own congress lies and deceives do nothing..that`s NOTHING but cower in the corner.
These so called leaders of your country are killing you while the get richer,and,richer,and,richer.What do Americans do..AGAIN....NOTHING!
OH!! I`m sorry.....Americans do Talk a big game,but! Talk is all you get...Please!! Take my home.Please!! take my money and give to some law breaking Illegal.Please!!! send in a million more H1B and H2b visa workers.
Please!! stop us for no reason and beat us to the ground....Please!! Please!! I swear,I won`t do anything about it.Beat my mother also...Please beat me down like a dog..Please!
Take a good look at what America has to choose from,to lead your country...take a real good have NOTHING but a bunch of Traitors.Some of them are second gererantion...some third generation Traitors.
What does America do about it.....AGAIN NOTHING
I have decided to use my H1b visa to come to America and buy up some of those nice homes available via foreclosure's.I can`t believe how generous your own government is to those that live in other countries..some of them are even terrorist.Thanks American,your TOPS in
our book......Keep up the POOR WORK,and,Please do not find any nerve until I am through buying America.I think I`ll start with your Congress & Senate.Yeah!! I`l start cheap and get all I can for my/your,money.8:)