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White Suburban Women Running Back Into GOP's Arms, Leftist Elites Enraged

• Zero Hedge

A new Wall Street Journal poll finds that white women in the suburbs now favor Republican congressional candidates by a whopping 15% margin -- a jaw-dropping 27-percentage-point move just since August.  

The shift has largely been fueled by the group's deepening concerns over inflation and the economy. About 54% say the country is already in a recession while 74% say the economy is heading in the wrong direction. Those numbers are up August readings of 43% and 59%, respectively. 

Democrat hopes that the Supreme Court's June overturning of Roe v Wade would spark women to rally around Democratic candidates haven't been realized. The journal found that rising prices are the top concern, with 34% of suburban white women giving it top weight. Abortion comes in third, with just 16% calling it their top issue.