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Fighting Over Food Rations: Diesel Fuel Shortage Will Decimate...

•, By Susan Duclos

With politics dominating the news due to the fact that the stakes of the midterm elections on November 8th are quite high, and just three days until tens of millions of Americans head to the polls to vote, there are other stories being buried under the flurry of last minute pitches as to who should be in control of congress for the Biden regime's next two years occupying the White House.

One of these heartbreaking stories are the amount of Americans about to become homeless, as NBC News reports that evictions are piling up all across the U.S. as government assistance has come to an end, and the eviction moratorium ended some time ago. 

The heartbreak of this is not just how massive inflation, along with millions put out of work during the lockdowns as state leaders deemed some businesses essential and others "non-essential" forcing them to close, has drained bank accounts, but also the fact that the in a recession (although the media, on behalf of the Biden regime, continues to claim it isn't) and literally cannot afford to continue to rental assistance this long after the end of the "pandemic."

In order to put the numbers into perspective to adequately highlight the extremely high number of American families about to be put out into the streets, we look to just one city, in one state out of 50.....or, if you are Joe Bide, 54 states.

Via NBC:

In Phoenix, for example, rent increases have slowed in recent months, but in June were up 24% year over year, with a median asking rent of $2,261. In Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, evictions are at their highest levels since at least 2016, with more than 45,000 filings this year.