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EPA Provides Almost $1B to School Districts for Purchasing Electric Buses--

• by B.N. Frank

Electric vehicles (EVs) – including E-bikes – have been associated with battery fires, fires that are difficult to extinguish, investigations, and recalls due to fires (see 123456789).  In fact, even flooded EVs have been spontaneously igniting!

Other issues associated with EVs include:

Charging them threatens power grids (see 1234and medical implants

EV batteries are difficult and expensive to recycle

Mining for EV battery ingredients IS NOT eco-friendly (see 12)

They emit high levels of biologically and environmentally harmful electromagnetic and wireless radiation (see 12345)

A survey published in July revealed that many Americans are still not interested in owning or leasing EVs due to high costs (see 123456) and, of course, other concerns.  Nevertheless, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it will provide $965M for American school districts to buy electric buses to transport students.  E-gads!