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New Yorkers freaking out over sudden appearance of ominous, three-story-tall 5G...

•,By Lance D Johnson

More and more New Yorkers are beginning to notice the ominous, three-story-tall 5G towers that are invading their neighborhoods and emitting radiation just outside their bedroom windows.

Back in January of 2020, New York City leaders approved an "equitable expansion of 5G mobile service" to the five boroughs. Jessica Tisch, former Commissioner for the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, announced that the city had reached franchise agreements with ten companies to install 5G antennae on street poles city-wide.

"Goodbye high latency slow downloads and hello low latency high speed with ultra-reliable connections," said Upper East Side Council Member Ben Kallos. "New York City is the fastest paced city in the world and if we want to keep that title, we need the fastest wireless with 5G, and we need it now," he said.