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SpaceX Targets Late June for Next Rocket Launch Attempt

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With a third Falcon 1 launch attempt fast approaching, the 36-year-old serial entrepreneur is distancing himself from his three-and-out remark and assuring customers and his 470 employees that he is in the launch game for the long haul.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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For all practical purposes the second launch was a huge success. First stage worked flawlessly. Stage separation and second stage engine ignition. The only thing that went wrong was IMHO the second stage engine smacking hard against the first stage collet upon separation. There was notable orientation problems with the second stage resulting in ever wilder engine gyrations trying to compensate (?) for the second stage going off course until the engine shut down 90 seconds prematurely. [gyroscope?] We have not had a detailed after action analysis report on this mission from SpaceX ... and I hope one will be forthcoming. I am really looking forward to the next launch with the enhanced (read more efficient) engines. His three times was an estimate of remaining investment to get a successful system. Well, the second launch was very successful leading to new investment and sales. But it failed to get the satellite into orbit. There is no reason to believe the third try will not be successful.