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Spending Your Money: It's 'Finance Day' At COP27

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Al Gore is the ultimate huckster when pumping the UN delegates to climate action. In bunko terms, this is the practice of "shaking the money tree" to loose money that is easy to grab. Gore's climate claims are patently absurd and not one of his predictions over the years have come true. This is Technocracy and pseudo-science at its worst, and it's coming for the world. ? TN Editor

The first of the 'thematic' days kicked off on Wednesday at COP27, focused on finance, and activists made it clear right from the start that there must be a global push to re-direct the hundreds of billions of dollars invested annually in fossil fuels to help fund community-led renewable energy initiatives.

Over 50 activists of all ages and backgrounds took over the so-called 'Blue Zone' – the main area of the conference centre in Sharm el-Sheikh overseen by the UN – to chant "Stop funding fossil fuels! Stop funding death!"