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The International Hypocrisy and Ignorance Conference Begins!

•, By Simon Black

Or as I prefer to call it, the International Hypocrisy and Ignorance Conference.

The absurdity starts with the selection of Egypt as the host country, and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's prominence as a heavily featured speaker at the event.

You are probably aware that el-Sisi runs a brutal, highly authoritarian, dictatorial regime in Egypt. He has murdered protesters, tortured activists, snuffed out political opponents, censored the press, and more.

In Egypt's 2018 presidential 'election', for example, el-Sisi miraculously won 97% of the vote, making him even more popular than Joe Biden.

El-Sisi is such a thug that, just last year, he drew a rare rebuke from the UNITED NATION's Human Rights Council.

Yet only a few months later the very same United Nations saw fit to give el-Sisi the privilege of hosting its COP27 climate summit, effectively legitimizing his regime and setting him up to glad hand with the 90+ other world leaders who will be in attendance.

The fact that he has literally murdered his own people is irrelevant. El-Sisi has bent the knee to the Holy Altar of Climate Change, therefore his brutality is being casually overlooked.

Frankly the UN might as well hold the next conference in western China's Xinjiang province, where the Uyghur concentration camp is located, and everyone can pretend like there's no genocide going on across the street.

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