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No Governor Honors his Constitutional Oath; DeSantis may be Best But He's NOT Ready for...

•, By Andrew Wallace

Our Governors are Cowards and well-funded Minions of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families, elites, big money, establishment, etc. If only our governors were independent, obeyed their Constitutions, were honest, and had courage, then your life could be great! Our states have the Constitutional power, and Governors must use it as follows:

1. The borders must be closed! Governors have the Constitutional power to stop invasion with deadly force, and they refuse to do it. Everyone who allows or supports invaders is a "Constitutional traitor" and should be so charged (Government spends $338.3 Billion on invaders, costing $2500 per taxpayer!).
2. Tariffs could replace income tax (as in the past up to 1913), which would also bring jobs back to America.
3. Return to Constitutional gold and silver money which ends inflation, wars for profit, and government boondoggles.

Anarchapulco June 2024