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Democrats' 'Respect for Marriage Act' Scam

• By Pastor Roger Anghis

It does NOT respect marriage; it attacks everyone that supports traditional marriage (between one man and one woman). What this bill does is to shove the radical leftist same-sex ideology down everybody's throat by making that perverted ideology federal law.

The passage of this law will any state that has laws that define marriage as between one man and one woman will have to disregard that law and impose the federal law on all it's citizens no matter what your religious beliefs might be. Any opposition to this law using your religious beliefs will be considered discrimination. Remember all the bakers that wouldn't bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony? They will no longer be able to claim religious beliefs for refusing to make them a cake. ALL YOUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS WILL BE REMOVED FOR THE SAKE OF PERVERTED IDEOLOGY.

Here is a comment from the Heritage Foundation concerning this bill: Don't be fooled by the left's messaging: This bill is no exception to the left's agenda. It too is just another radical policy being peddled by progressives.

Despite its name, the bill isn't about marriage or respect at all. It's about imposing the radical left's sexual ideology as state orthodoxy.

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