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Liquid Gold of Israel. How smart water management enriched the nation

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In 1964-67, the sharing of water resources was one of the most divisive issues. The situation was so acute that the Arab countries planned to move the headwaters of the Jordan River so that the water would not reach the Jews. In turn, Israel was aware of how important water is for the development of the state. The victory in the war and the capture of the Golan Heights allowed Israel to gain control of the Sea of ??Galilee and have access to its resources. Today the conflict is frozen, but the problem of water is no longer an issue, because Israel produces 20% more than it consumes. How did the country transform from a critically water-stressed nation to a prosperous water-abundant nation? Keep watching!  As soon as Jewish settlers began to arrive in the territory of modern Israel in the early twentieth century, it became clear that there was not enough water. 

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