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House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

• Reuters
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation on Tuesday allowing the Justice Department to sue OPEC members for limiting oil supplies and working together to set crude prices, but the White House threatened to veto the measure.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I am starting to see the typical haul the oil guys in to blame them for the prices of gasoline. This is classic congressional misdirection. One that will be repeated when the dollar collapse can no longer be finagled and propagandized and they haul whomever in front of their committees to save their sorry rear ends from the voters/American people.

European gas prices are not shooting up at the same rate as ours. Gas prices are increasing this time due to the shrinking dollar's purchasing power. This will only get worse. $10 a gallon gas in 2009?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Hunh. I guess I missed all the legislation where they balanced the budget, paid off the debt, addressed $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and sent Bellichek into exile.