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'Lies My Government Told Me, and the Better Future Coming'

• By DR Joseph Mercola

In my view, Malone has been one of the most prominent leaders in helping us understand the scientific truth of what's actually happening with COVID and the COVID shots. Malone and his wife Jill actually published one of the first books on COVID prevention and treatment. They self-published it as an ebook on Amazon in early February 2020. Amazon deleted it the following month.

After repeated inquiries as to why the book was removed, Amazon finally cited "violation of community standards." "It was the first time we'd ever heard that phrase," Malone says. Since then, of course, it's become the key excuse used by tech platforms of all kinds to justify the censorship of plain truth. The removal of that book was just a small foretaste of what was to come.

The Gaping Disconnect Between Reality and the Narrative

Over the past three years, ever since he appeared on the DarkHorse podcast with Steve Kirsch in June 2021,2 he's been publicly defamed, canceled, deplatformed and had his scientific accomplishments scrubbed from Wikipedia.

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