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Fine illustration was given in these early minutes from the movie 1984, following the protagonist (Winston) through a typical day. As a loudspeaker incessantly broadcasts statistics demonstrating Big Brother's progress in all areas of life, we witness their impoverishment (a friend of Winston's asking for a razor blade learns that Winston has been using the same blade for six weeks), as well as (through another colleague) Big Brother's assault on language as a way to control independent thought.

We also witness the inability of the brainwashed to process the world they inhabit. The loudspeaker's lies about Big Brother's successes cheers up Parson while he works his way through a bowl of mush and meat-substitute. He is indoctrinated to the point that he cannot process the taste of the food he is eating, let alone the reality in which he is sitting.

Here is a situation that resembles that scene from 1984. Yesterday in the United States Senate, a British actuary presented the following information from the UK (which has excellent public health surveillance): getting vaccinated makes one somewhere between 26% and 145% more likely to die.