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You are being LIED to about inflation (here's the REAL cause)

•, Sorelle Amore Finance

When we hear about inflation, we're told that it's primarily caused by the simple economics of money in the system. More money is printed, resulting in dollars becoming devalued, resulting in stuff getting more expensive. And yes, this is definitely a part of the inflation equation. However, there's a part that's often missed that in many cases, causes prices around us to rise as well.

To put it simply, it's all about corporate greed. And the desire of many companies to use inflation as a cover story for rising prices, so they can line their pockets. It's only possible they can do this due to lack of competition, which is something we don't think we have in today's world.

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Here is where most or all of inflation comes from: bank loans. When a loan is being consummated, the promissory note or mortgage note is considered to be a negotiable instrument - Such notes are considered to be money by the bank. The borrower actually funded his own loan with the promissory note. This goes for all loans made to government or anywhere else. The Federal Reserve Bank prints 'green cash money' as needed, to replace money dished out in the form of loans. More money is inflation. In other words, it is borrowers (mostly government), along with the banks, that create more money, thereby causing inflation.