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IPFS News Link • Philosophy: Libertarianism

Spreading the Light of Liberty

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Then imagine that one person lights a small candle, bringing a ray of light to that dark room. That person uses his candle to light someone else's candle, bringing a bit more light to the room. Each person with a lit candle then lights someone else's candle. Before long, the darkness in that room has been extinguished.

That's what the libertarian movement is all about — spreading the light of liberty to an ever-growing number of people, who then share it with others. That's what we do here at The Future of Freedom Foundation. It's what we have done, with the help of our donors, for 33 years. I am writing to seek your generous financial support to enable us to continue doing so in the year ahead.

Sure, we are living in some dark times — no doubt about it, especially now that statists have brought our country so close to a world-destroying nuclear war. But think how much more depressing it would be if all we had to choose from was conservatism and progressivism. In other words, right-wing statism or left-wing statism. If that were the case, the situation would be quite dire.

Fortunately, however, we have another alternative — libertarianism, the greatest economic and political philosophy that mankind has ever developed. Libertarianism provides the way to extricate our nation out of the dark statist morass into which both conservatives and progressives have plunged us with their socialism, imperialism, militarism, interventionism, and regulated society.

With its focus on free-market principles, private-property rights, sound money, and a limited-government republic, libertarianism is the key to achieving a society based on individual liberty, economic prosperity, voluntary charity, peace, and harmony with the people of the world.