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Newborn baby DIES from transfusion of covid vaccine-tainted blood... Promised Unvaxxed Blood


("Amazingly, Sacred Heart is now trying to claim that Baby Alex never even existed. Staff members insist there are no records of him ever having been admitted there, despite plenty of evidence including photos, medical bills, and his death certificate.")

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane, Wash., murdered a newborn recently by giving the child a covid vaccine-tainted blood transfusion instead of the pure blood transfusion his family requested and procured for him.

Baby Alex was born with a 95 percent survivable congenital heart defect as well as anemia, which required a blood transfusion. Since a close friend of the family had previously died after getting injected for the Fauci Flu, Alex's parents specifically asked for clean blood to go into his body.

A member of the family's church who is both unvaccinated and a blood type match donated the blood to Sacred Heart, which agreed to use it in the transfusion. However, when it came time to do the procedure, the hospital claims it "lost" the pure blood sample, after which staff members proceeded to give Baby Alex blood from the general pool.

Alex's parents had specifically asked Sacred Heart not to give him blood from the general pool due to concerns about him suffering complications. They did it anyway, resulting in the formation of "huge blood clots" that ended up killing the child not long after the transfusion.

It should be noted that Alex's family paid extra for Sacred Heart to put in place this special protocol, and went out of their way to get the exact blood they wanted and that he needed. In the end, hospital staff "lost" the blood, took the money, and effectively murdered the child with their malpractice.