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How To Purify Water In The Wild


In this chapter we'll learn why water is so important, how much water we normally need in survival situations, and several different techniques for finding it. 

We'll also learn how to prepare it ready to drink.

According to the World Health Organization, insufficient water and consuming contaminated water are the number one cause of ill health amongst 'displaced populations,' or in other words, people in survival situations.

So, how much water does a person actually need per day to survive?

As you can see from this table, finding a clean water source is essential for survival. A human being can survive around 100 hours without water before feeling secondary effects of dehydration, such as hallucinations.

Other than drinking water, it is also useful to have some extra water for cooking. Although now a luxury, it would also be a bonus to be able to tend to our basic hygiene needs.

So how can we find clean drinking water?

Natural Running Water

Your first option would be to try to find a clean water source. This could be a seep, a river, a lake, or similar. If you can't see any immediately, cottonwood, sycamore, willow, and cattails are indicators of nearby water sources.