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The Financial "Samson Option" and What You Need To Do Before Governments Use It

•, by Nick Giambruno

It states that in a scenario where its enemies were about to overrun the country, Israel would respond with massive use of nuclear weapons as a last resort.

The concept comes from the biblical figure Samson, who pushed apart the pillars of a Philistine temple, bringing down the roof and killing himself and the Philistines who had captured him.

In short, the Samson Option is a threat that says, "if we're going down, we are taking you with us."

I am bringing this up because governments also have a financial Samson Option… and they could soon use it to a devastating effect.

Thanks to central banking and fiat currency, governments can steal a nation's savings through inflation. In the event of a bankruptcy, or other existential situations, governments can tap into the wealth of a nation as they desperately try to survive.

There's no doubt they'll exercise that option before they go down.

It gives a government the ability to bankrupt everyone—at least those unprepared—as it goes bankrupt. "If we're going down, we are taking you with us."

In short, that's the government's financial Samson Option. And they are preparing to use it soon.

What Happens Next

The last time the US government faced an imminent financial crisis was in March 2020.

At the time, it was the height of the stock market crash amid the COVID hysteria. People were panicking as they watched the market plummet, and they turned to the Fed to do something.