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Hunting Down And Slaughtering 'Purebloods' On The Global Eugenicists 'To Do List'...

•, By Stefan Stanford

While we had hoped that by now, with 2022 coming to a close, we'd be long past reporting on COVID and the globalists rush to impose medical tyranny upon anyone who still has the ability to think for themselves and rejects their 'mRNA death shot concoctions' that have been PROVEN to be killing and maiming people while they aren't stopping anyone from getting COVID nor passing it on to others, nor dying from it, we can't do that right now with more and more stories that keep popping up showing us the globalists are far from done in their rush towards all-out medical despotism.

Perfectly seen in this new story by Dr. Paul Alexander reporting the World Health Organization has just put out a video calling 'Purebloods' a "major killing force" who are responsible for more deaths than gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation or cyber attacks, the WHO none-the-less ignores all of the previously young and healthy Americans and people all across the world 'dropping dead suddenly like flies,' most dying of heart attacks and strokes and dying without any discernable warning signs.

So as Dr. Alexander's story pointed out, not only is the WHO calling the unvaccinated 'a major killing force,they're also calling for 'political solutions to address this,' most likely the kind of 'political solutions' they're unveiling now in Australia where anyone questioning 'the science' behind the vaxxes is being designated a 'terrorist' as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

Reporting that Australian Police have announced counter-terrorism teams will be monitoring "anti vax conspiracy theorists" who show "concerning behavior" (which they regard "conspiracy theories" as)encouraging Australians to report anyone who engages in what they deem as "conspiracy theories" to contact police directly, or contact crime stoppers, while advising the public they'll be looking at all social media sites for 'conspiracy theories' being posted, they continue to ignore the exploding 'death count' among formerly young and healthy Australians who'd taken the death shot concoction.